Tips for Great Florida family Vacations

Pick a Florida destination for all

With the number of options available to families, choosing a destination is not always the easiest thing to do. This is because families all like different things and whilst the kids may want to play all day and enjoy plenty of activities, some adults may just want to kick back and relax and enjoy a few days off work. This is the same for many families and finding somewhere that everyone can do what they want can be tricky. Orlando area comes-out ahead of other Florida destinations due to the world famous Disney World and other area attractions that are close to Disney, which appeal to all ages. In addition, Orlando Florida area offers many vacation rentals close to attractions offering luxurious interiors and private pools.

One of our Florida family vacation homes

Best time to visit Florida

When the kids are out of school, parks are crowded. It is true with the Orlando Florida area theme parks, water parks and other attractions as well! Easter is a great time to get away because everyone has been back at work and school for a few months since Christmas and are normally ready for a small break. The kids normally have a week off during the Easter breaks which gives us long enough to take the family on a small break. When you include the weekends you have around 10 days off which is plenty of time to relax for a day or 2 at home before setting off on your family break. Generally, accommodation and flight costs are higher during holidays and school closing days. So if you don't have school-age kids, you will snap a better deal during off-season. If you can't stand crowds or excessive wait times at attractions on your Disney World trip, please learn about the best times to visit Disney World Orlando Florida.

Fully equipped kitchens

What to look for when booking a family vacation online

When using a website to book a holiday or vacation, you should consider pricing the individual components, e.g. flights, car rental, vacation home etc separately to make sure you're getting the best deal. Prices can vary significantly for flights and cars, so comparison shopping on several sites could be a distinct advantage. With vacation homes, you get what you pay for and the cheapest accommodation may not be in the best location or well maintained. As a rule of thumb, if you have more than two in your travelling party, you can save by renting a vacation home.

Formal Dining

Planning the perfect flight trip from outside the country

Arranging the perfect flight trip is not easy when you are traveling with families or small kids. Plan on having multiple activities planned for kids during the flight. Having small snacks handy also helps kids. Keep your carry-on to minimum essentials but must include spare clothing, medicines and anything else that you may need even if your checked baggage does not reach your destination with you.

Know your destination

Learn as much as possible about the people, culture and customs of your destination ahead of time. If you are planning to drive a vehicle, know the road rules. Also, not all attractions need a full day of your trip. Some of the half-day Orlando Florida attractions are ideal for the arrival and departure days or when you plan on sitting by the pool for part of the day.

Planning a stress-free vacation

No matter how exciting a vacation may be, the planning and preparation part is enough to drive you up the wall. However, taking the planning phase one step at a time can help you plan an awesome family vacation, all while retaining your sanity.