Guide to Florida Vacation Rental Homes and Villas

Benefits of Staying in Florida Vacation Homes

Vacation rentals homes in Orlando Florida offer space, convenience and freedom and amazingly great value compared to motels, hotels or even Disney resorts. These modern homes offer kitchens with dishwashers, microwave ovens, coffee machines, full size washers and driers and barbecue grills as standard. Many vacation rental homes in Florida also include the latest games consoles, high speed internet, games rooms and hot tubs.

With dozens of restaurants to suit all budgets and 24x7 supermarkets stacked high with ready meals conveniently located near these vacation rentals in Florida, gone are the days when you had to slave over a hot stove. Why be shoehorned into a hotel room, when you can relax and stretch out in one of our premier Florida vacation rental homes. Best of all, renting an Orlando Florida vacation home near Disney is more economical than renting multiple hotel rooms. No matter what size accommodation suits your needs and budget, you can save by renting Orlando vacation homes.

Why be limited to a single hotel room when you can rent a high-quality vacation rental villa in Florida? While a couple may find a hotel room sufficient for a romantic getaway, once children are added to the mix, things change. Kids need space -- and adults need space to get away from the children. Vacations can be stressful, and returning to your motel room after a long day visiting the sites with excited overtired children is surely most parents' idea of hell.

Vacation rental homes give you the chance to relax in your own space while the children can play without getting under your feet. In a motel, if the kids want to go to the pool you have to go too. When you instead stay in one of the many luxurious Florida vacation homes that are available, all you need is to pick up your drink and your book and relax into your lounger as the kids play under your watchful gaze.

Traveling for business? As one hotel room blends into another, why not try something different. If you are going to be in town for a week, why not stretch out in one of the many vacation rental villas available. High speed internet and Wi-Fi are becoming almost standard in Florida vacation villas, so you no longer have to scatter your papers on the bed, or cramp yourself trying to work at the tiny hotel desks. After a long day there is nothing better than unwinding in your own private pool and spa and enjoying a cold drink while your favorite CD is playing in the background. And Florida vacation villa give you a great space in which to entertain colleagues as well.

If you are a golfer visting Florida with a few friends or collegues, we have the perfect Orlando Florida villas for golfers.

Sources of Vacation Rental Homes and Villas in Florida

Vacation rental villas in Florida are more popular than anywhere else in the country due to the high demand for luxury accommodation at affordable prices. You can rent an Orlando area vacation home, condo or villa from many sources. First and the most economical way of renting vacation homes in Florida is to rent from vacation home owners directly. The second way to rent Florida vacation homes is to rent from agencies who rent for owners.

Florida vacation homes for rent range from comfortable to exceptional; almost all contain dishwashers, microwave ovens, barbecues, coffee machines and large screen TVs. Vacation rental homes at the top end of the scale also include the latest game consoles, large plasma screen televisions with cinema surround sound, computers with high-speed Internet access, game rooms and hot tubs. Almost all Florida vacation homes are situated within a short drive from supermarkets and fast food restaurants that cater to every conceivable taste and budget.

Benefits of Renting from Vacation Home Owners Direct

Renting a Florida vacation home from owners direct is by far the cheapest way to obtain a quality vacation vila at affordable prices. Vacation rental homes rented by owners are spacious, clean and modern with all the amenities of a vacation villa you have come to expect. From the first contact, you will be in touch with the legal owner of the house, so your chances of being conned are limited. In most cases, you can even ask the owners for verification of ownership which gives you additional peace of mind! Since owners rent their villas directly to renters, they do not have to any mark-ups as they don't pay any agency commissions. This works well for owners who are active renting their own villas. On the contrary, agencies who rent homes for property owners mark-up the rents by as much as 25% to account for their profits and costs resulting in higher rental fees for renters. Before you rent from owners or agencies, you must do your research to ensure that you are dealing with someone who will be there to answer your questions once you set foot in your vacation home.