Florida Weather

Florida's weather plays an important role in planning a Florida vacation. Located in the south-east of the country, it has its plain stretching from north of the Mexican Gulf and is also a peninsula bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The weather of Florida is also influenced by the fact that it is at an elevation of 345 feet above the sea level.

Florida's subtropical weather entices travelers year-round from all over the world. The weather is warm (rather hot) during the summer months of Jun-Aug and is coupled with humidty as high as 100%. Don't let the humidity or high temperatures bother your vacation plans as an afternoon shower is imminent almost daily and the weather becomes pleasant after that. Don't be shy to get wet in the rain! The shoulder months of Feb -Apr experience little rain and offer pleasant temperatures. Aug-Oct also experience little rain and offer pleasant temperatures though chances of hurricanes and floods are high. Temperatures from Nov-Mar drop to a pleasant range of low to mid seventys and attract snow-birds from all over the North America. Night temperatures during the peak winter could drop to low fourtys or below at times for brief periods. Check weather in Florida or any other favorite location of your choice at Holiday Weather.

Florida's world famous theme parks are complemented by the beautiful weather, white sand beaches, palm tree lined streets and tropical vegetation all around. Come, explore the Florida's attractions and experience them first class by staying in luxury Florida homes near attractions.

Orlando, Florida - An ideal vacation destiation

Once you decide on your Florida vacation, you will probably ask yourself, where in Florida should we spend our vacation? The answer is Orlando! Why not? Orlando has many activities for the entire family and many places to visit including theme parks, water parks, educational centers and more. Orlando, Florida has an enviable weather that is pleasing year-round for outdoor activities whether you are looking to spend a day at the theme parks, water parks or on a golf course. Florida's tropical climate combined with all the attractions has been attracting visitors from around the world for many years, many of whom come-back year after year.

Orlando located at the heart of the "Sunshine State," averages annual temperature at a comfortable 72.4 degrees. The average rainfall amounts to over 50 inches per year, making the central Florida Orlando a convenient destination for travelers from around the country and world.

Vacation homes ideal for all seasons

If you are ready for a fun filled holiday with your entire family, come; explore our Orlando Florida vacation rental homes for your next vacation. All of our vacation homes are fully air-conditioned and heated as needed to offer a comfortable stay year-round. Our luxury 6 and 7 bed vacation homes have game-rooms that are fully air-conditioned as well. If you are renting one of our Orlando Florida vacation homes with private pool, you can have the pool/spa heated for a fee during the winter months to enhance your enjoyment of the pool. During summer months, you can relax in one of luxury Orlando vacation rentals that offer a south-facing pool providing abundant sunshine all-day long. So, whether you are looking to visit Orlando Florida for one of the Disney World theme parks, non-Disney Orlando area attractions, explore our Orlando Florida vacation rental homes, we have a vacation home that works for you.

Orlando weather and your vacation

Weather plays an important role on any vacation and Orlando weather is no exception! The following is a quick summary of various seasons in Orlando. Hopefully you can prepare your family appropriately to enjoy the Orlando Florida theme parks no matter what the season may be.

Orlando -Florida weather in winter

The winter months of December, January and February offer the best weather for a vacation in Orlando area with minimal rainfall though humidity can be high. The busy Christmas season brings vacationers from all over the world from the second week of December to middle of January. January and February are busier months for vacation homes with snowbirds from the cold places take refuge in the tropical sunny Florida. Temperatures could drop drastically at nights requiring you to wear a light jacket. If you are renting an Orlando vacation home with a private pool/spa, you may want to opt for the optional pool heating as the water temperatures are pretty low.

Orlando - Florida weather in spring

As the weather warms up in the spring months of March, April and May; so does the crowds in the Orlando theme parks with park attendance increasing to peak during spring break weeks. The exodus of snow bird renters is off-set by various festivities and holidays that bring crowds back to parks. Rainfall increases during these months though the humidity levels are low and temperatures increase. As May approaches, temperatures rise steeply and with the limited number of vacationers coming to town, you will see better discounts at vacation rentals. If you are renting an Orlando vacation home with a private pool/spa, you will be comfortable with the pool heated during your stay. If you are heading to theme parks, you would want to pack rain ponchos. If you are renting an Orlando vacation home with a private pool/spa, you may want to opt for the optional pool heating as the water temperatures are will not rise to desirable levels yet!

Orlando - Florida weather in summer

June, July and August are the warmest months of the year in Orlando, Florida. Daytime temperatures are in 90s with a possibility of an afternoon shower followed by enjoyable evening temperatures. The sun can be bright and bite your skin! So, ensure you have sunscreen at all times. Wearing comfortable clothes will enhance your experience at the theme parks.

Orlando - Florida weather in fall

The fall months of Sep, Oct and Nov brings the temperatures down slightly in Orlando though not on-par with the rest of the country. Hurricane watch is high in September and crowds in activity thin down after the Labor Day holiday. Sunscreen and rain poncho are still recommended during these months. If you are renting an Orlando vacation home with a private pool/spa, you may want to opt for the optional pool heating as the water temperatures are begin to stay low.

As you can see, Orlando Florida area is famous for the world class attractions as well as fabulous weather that promotes year-round tourist activities. So, whether you are looking for all day activities or planning to visit a half-day attraction in Orlando Florida, the weather is extremely supportive.